Dear Debbie and Wonderful members of The Gold Coast Community Fund,
It is with much appreciation and Gratefulness I write this letter.
My family and I, thank you all, with all our hearts. You beautiful souls came in when we really had no idea what we would do. We all love the lounge especially the children, that was the thing they kept coming back to, just how perfect the lounge choice was. The beds are a true God send. We’ve each had a wonderful nights sleep since we’ve been here. And just as a comparison, we had kept a foam mattress, Jem had a mate over a couple of days ago, the visitor slept in Jems room on the foam. Both Jem and her friend woke up with a sore throat, headache and a runny nose, the same reaction we got when we went into the fire damaged apartment. Thank you to the family who donated the television, we’ve so loved been able to view tv again, ours hadn’t worked properly before, an I had thought we can be without it, though now I realise there are some worthwhile shows to view. Thank you.. So truly, your gifts to us are truly appreciated. I apologise for not writing sooner. One would think that once we were in here, we all would have been happy, but last week I just went to pieces. Now I and the children are feeling clearer and grounded. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. What your organisation (really you wonderful souls in the group) are offering to the wider community is truly phenomenal. So again I say thank you, it is people like you that make the Gold Coast a truly wonderful place to call home.

Much love and many thanks to each and every one of you

Love and best wishes Cristine Brookhurst