6 Year old Mckenzie Tamala has lived her short life fighting a movement disorder that doctors have not been able to diagnose. 10 months ago her condition took over and caused Mckenzie a number of admissions to critical care where doctors have to medically intervene to stop the movement. These episodes are known as Status Dystonicus. A life threatening condition. The episode is best described as like Mckenzie running a marathon and not being able to stop. It causes muscle breakdown, and metabolic changes and pain. After each episode it takes days for her to recover as she suffers from pure exhaustion. With the changes to her condition and the medical treatment she was already receiving not working, we had come to our last option of treatment. Brain surgery, known as Deep Brain Stimulation. The aim of this surgery was to reduce her involuntary movements and give her quality of life back. . On September 3rd Mckenzie under went Deep Brain Stimulation. With her condition unknown and her age, we were not guaranteed that this would help her, however this was Mckenzie’s best chance at a better life. We had to try as we watching our little girl suffer more and more every day. Nearly 6 weeks on from surgery Mckenzie’s life has changed. From the moment she woke up in recovery she was better. Her body was still, the pain was gone, the sparkle in her eyes were back. Within the first week she was able to do things she has never done and even started eating again after nearly 3 years. Mckenzie has been to the movies, parks, birthday parties, even been to the shopping centres. All the things that would send McKenzie into such a state that she would end up in critical care. Mckenzie is truly an inspiration, with all the life challenges she has faced she has tackled them with courage and strength and most importantly with the most amazing smile.

The Gold Coast Community Fund assisted Mckenzie with a grant of two thousand dollars.
To the Gold Coast Community Fund we would like to Thank You all for your very generous donation. Your donation has meant we can provide Mckenzie the post op rehabilitation she needs. We work with a physio twice a week to teach Mckenzie how to use her body. After spending 6 years constantly moving and having no control all the simple things are the hardest for her. Holding her head up, moving her arms, opening her fingers, controlled movement are just a few of things we will be working on over the next few months. For Mckenzie these are things she was unable to achieve due to her condition. After just weeks of seeing the Physio Mckenzie’s already showing great progress. Thank You again for making this possible for our little girl. Always and forever grateful Mckenzie and her Family