All Gold Coast Community Fund committee members act in a voluntary capacity.
Secretarial support and promotion of the Fund are achieved by the generosity of our major supporters.
All donated and monies raised stay on the Gold Coast for distribution to Gold Coast charities and individuals.

Nick Scott – Chairman
Rutland Smith – Immediate Past Chairman
Corey Bell – Vice Chairman
Greg Yong – Vice Chairman
Troy Niebling – Treasurer
Kate McFarlane – Secretary

Committee Members
Simon Bennett
Ian Cousins
Karen Phillips
Steve Cavalier
Selena Magill
Andrew McSweeney
Adam Moses
Brad Madden
Michael Gugliotta
Sepehr Abedian
Christian Devereux
Jan Lloyd
Tim Davenport

Appeals Coordinators
Paige Gaudry
Malcolm Tucker
Benjamin Jones
Cassandra Stephens

Assistant & Support
Janelle McIlwaine
Katherine Stone
Courtney Bowen
Roger Maguire