Jianne is 5 years old and has a diagnosis of Aicardi Syndrome. This diagnoses creates barriers in the way she communicates, her mobility and her overall development. To support Jianne the best way Emilie can (Jiannes mum) there is a lot of support, physio sessions, funds, equipment and more needed. Emilie had support from one of the specialists in Jiannes life who contacted the GCCF to ask for assistance to purchase a chair and table (specific to Jiannes needs). Emilie has stated that the support from the GCCF to purchase the must needed equipment, will help improve Jiannes mobility and overall progression. The GCCF was also able to provide some assistance to Emilie and Jianne the follow year by providing assistance for Jianne to have respite while Emilie was away caring of another loved one.

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